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    Our Core Values

    A genuine devotion to meeting the needs and service standards of our academic partners’ students and our healthcare partners’ patients.

    The creation of trusting partnerships through the practices of corporate transparency, quality assurance, and open and honest communication.

    Recognition of and respect for diversity in education.

    An unyielding commitment to integrity which permeates each of our services, practices, partnerships, and overall corporate structure.

    Our Mission

    The essence of Humanus is a tacit understanding that begins with our name — Humanus: of people, human.

    Humanus is a national provider of professionals in special education and related therapy services dedicated to providing our academic partners’ students with the most qualified special education and related therapy professionals to meet their students’ needs and service standards. In that capacity, we share our partners’ missions — to help students achieve academic success and personal growth. As evidenced by our work with three of the six most populous cities in the United States, as well as our ability to provide services in rural and isolated locations throughout the nation, Humanus is capable of providing our partners with access to the best professionals and professional resources. Through our services and with our continued support, our partners are better prepared and equipped to meet the spectrum of their students’ needs.

    Experience & Expertise

    Since our founding in 2007, Humanus has been a partner to all forms of educational institutions and learning facilities, providing their students and patients with professional resources through our educational, therapeutic, and consultative services. We have successfully grown from our humble beginnings and, in 2012, Humanus was proud to have merged with Triton Information Services, an international company providing technology services to the financial industry. Our combined resources and talent have furthered our ability to provide resources to our various partners, and, with greater efficiency, Humanus currently serves a national population of students.

    Our commitment to our academic partners’ students motivates us to constantly and consistently improve upon our own work. With each newly acquired partnership and project, Humanus sets increasingly higher standards. Moreover, we pride ourselves upon a high level of corporate transparency, which allows our partners a clear understanding of what a partnership with Humanus entails, and an increasing standard of quality assurance, which demands the retention of only the highest qualified and most experienced professionals, so as to guarantee that our services will be and are the best fit for our partners’ students.

    With the rigorous education standards of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (“No Child Left Behind”), Humanus is capable of helping educational institutions in their various forms fulfill these requirements with our extensive database of highly qualified and experienced Educational Psychologists, Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP), Occupational Therapists (OT), Physical Therapists (PT), Teachers of the Hearing Impaired (TOHI), Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TOVI), Special Education Teachers, School Nurses, and other specialized services which students may need on their path to academic success.

    Why Work for Humanus?

    1. Humanus is one of the highest paying in our industry, with speedy direct deposits available for our colleagues’ convenience.

    As a leading provider of academic professionals, we offer our partners rates that meet their financial needs, while providing our colleagues with substantial pay rates.

    2. We work nationally, with an ever-growing presence in all 50 states.

    While our corporate headquarters is located in the suburban Philadelphia area, our professional presence permeates both the academic community and healthcare industry on a national level. Humanus’ extensive and constantly expanding database of professionals is a testament to that national presence.

    3. Our colleagues gain access to a peer support network based upon profession and location.

    Through profession- and location-specific peer support networks, our colleagues are able to easily exchange information, pose and respond to questions, cultivate their own knowledge and the knowledge of their peers, and, ultimately, strengthen their peer communities.

    4. Humanus works with genuinely caring and personable individuals, which compose and strengthen our diverse project teams and departments.

    We not only extend the effort to work with colleagues whose personal goals and missions are aligned with our own, but we promote the development of Humanus teams and departments which reflect the diversity of a national population.

    5. We uphold the highest levels of respect and integrity for every person who works with us, founding our partnerships and professional relationships upon trust.

    When our highest priority is the assurance that our partners’ students are receiving the best services and care, we work to establish a trusting relationship with our partners and our professionals, which encourages open and honest communication while fostering accountability.

    6. We share our academic partners’ missions — to help maintain their students’ well-being while encouraging their academic success.

    When boiled down to our core, Humanus stands as a collective of professionals who simply want the best for our nation’s youth, to aid them during their development years, and to provide them with equal opportunities, and to give them the tools to be confident, effective, and successful long after leaving school.

    7. Humanus is committed to providing a national student population with the best service providers.

    We actively seek professionals who are both highly qualified and have extensive experience in order to increase the standards of students’ received serves and to strengthen the prospects of students’ academic success.

    8. We want you to join us in achieving our goal of guaranteeing that every student in our nation receives the services which they need and deserve!

    If you’re an academic professional hoping to improve students’ well-being and support their academic success, then Humanus would love to work with you!

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    A Message from Our President & CEO



    Humanus Corporation (“Humanus”) was founded with one passion in mind — a steadfast commitment to helping people lead happy and healthy lives. And though we have expanded and grown over the years, people remain our top priority.

    We primarily focus our energies in Academia. Why focus on serving the educational community? Simple. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

    However, our nation’s students are, unfortunately, not always in equal standing within their diverse peer-group. Too often our nation’s youth face any number of challenges in pursuing their goals of academic achievement or healthy social interaction and integration.

    With the help of Humanus, students nation-wide gain access to the educational resources that can assist them in overcoming whatever challenges they may face. Through the dedicated services of Educational Psychologists, Allied Health Therapists who specialize in serving children and adolescents, Special Education Teachers, and School Nurses, students are provided with need-individualized support and guidance during those crucial developmental years.

    In our continued effort to guarantee students’ access to necessary educational services, Humanus recently launched HumanusCare. Through telepractice, Humanus utilizes technology to bridge the service gap for students who encounter difficulties in receiving the educational and healthcare services. Regardless of location, language, or financial barriers, HumanusCare offers our nation’s students access to the educational support which they need and deserve.

    Humanus — working with people in order to work for people.

    Warmest regards,

    JS Signature

    James Stewart
    President & CEO
    Humanus Corporation