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    HumanusCorp Humanus Corporation

    A leading national provider of special education and related therapy professionals -- working with people in order to work for people.

    Position: Special Education Teacher 
    Location: Surprise, AZ
    Company: Humanus Corporation (www.humanuscorp.com)

    Position Description:

    We are seeking certified Special Education Teachers to work at Full-Time positions in the Surprise, AZ, area for the 2014-15 academic year. These positions will be working with students grades K-8.


    • Must be a licensed/certified Special Education Teacher in the state of Arizona.
    • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (at minimum).
    • Must be qualified in Cross-Categorical Special Education.
    • Must have excellent references.
    • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.

    • Must enjoy working with children.


    • Consultation and collaboration.
    • Evidence-based decision-making and accountability.
    • Facilitating student access to curricular and extracurricular activities.
    • Develop individualized and/or group instruction to meet the diverse needs of students.
    • Provide transitional support in inclusive/integrated learning environments as an aide to designated students.
    • Assist in development of and provide continued support in students’ Individual Education Programs (IEP’s).
    • Reevaluate IEP’s when necessary.
    • Family-school collaboration services.
    • Willing to accept responsibilities beyond regular classroom duties.
    • Recognition and respect of diversity in development and learning.
    • Research and program evaluations.
    • Legal, ethical, and professional practices in compliance with federal and state mandates, as well as local policies concerning performance.

    About Humanus:

    Humanus Corporation is a leading national provider of professionals in academia, offering students access to the resources which they need and deserve. As a company committed to meeting the spectrum of needs of a diverse student population, Humanus works closely with its academic partners in order to outfit them with the best qualified professionals.
    Humanus is ultimately about people — working with people in order to work for people.

    Humanus’ Academia Services:

    Educational Psychologists, Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP), Occupational Therapists (OT), Physical Therapists (PT), Vision Therapists (VT), Hearing Therapists (HT), Special Education Teachers, School Nurses, and Telepractice (Psych/SLP/OT/Special Education).

    How to Submit Your Resume:

    Use our online submission form.


    Why Work with Humanus?

    1. Humanus is one of the highest paying in our industry, with speedy direct deposits available for our colleagues’ convenience.

    As a leading provider of academic professionals, we offer our partners pricings that meet their financial needs, while providing our colleagues with substantial pay rates.

    2. We work nationally, with an ever-growing presence in all 50 states.

    While our corporate headquarters is located in the suburban Philadelphia area, our professional presence permeates both the academic community and healthcare industry on a national level. Humanus’ extensive and constantly expanding database of professionals is a testament to that national presence.

    3. Our colleagues gain access to a peer support network based upon profession and location.

    Through profession- and location-specific peer support networks, our colleagues are able to easily exchange information, pose and respond to questions, cultivate their own knowledge and the knowledge of their peers, and, ultimately, strengthen their peer communities.

    4. Humanus works with genuinely caring and personable individuals, which compose and strengthen our diverse project teams and departments.

    We not only extend the effort to work with colleagues whose personal goals and missions are aligned with our own, but we promote the development of Humanus teams and departments which reflect the diversity of a national population.

    5. We uphold the highest levels of respect and integrity for every person who works with us, founding our partnerships and professional relationships upon trust.

    When our highest priority is the assurance that our partners’ students are receiving the best services and care, we work to establish a trusting relationship with our partners and our professionals, which encourages open and honest communication while fostering accountability.

    6. We share our academic partners’ missions — to help maintain their students’ well-being while encouraging their academic success.

    When boiled down to our core, Humanus stands as a collective of professionals who simply want the best for our nation’s youth, to aid them during their development years, and to provide them with equal opportunities, and to give them the tools to be confident, effective, and successful long after leaving school.

    7. Humanus is committed to providing a national student population with the best service providers.

    We actively seek professionals who are both highly qualified and have extensive experience in order to increase the standards of students’ received serves and to strengthen the prospects of students’ academic success.

    8. We want you to join us in achieving our goal of guaranteeing that every student in our nation receives the services which they need and deserve!

    If you’re an academic professional hoping to improve students’ wellbeing and support their academic success, then Humanus would love to work with you!